With The Onset of Ramzan, Power Scenario Worsens In higher Reaches of Tral

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By Fast Kashmir on 20/05/2019.

With The Onset of Ramzan, Power Scenario Worsens In higher Reaches of Tral
Nawazz Ibn Ahad

Tral, May 20: As the Authority committed about the fullfledged power supply  during the holy month of ramzan, But these tall claims proves nothing on Ground.
In This modern and technological Era the Tral region of valley still lapped in Dark era.
 Even in the holy month of Ramazan, Power Development Department (PDD) has failed to provide electricity as per schedule in upper Villages of Tral in pulwama district.
Residents of Dozens of villages protested against The PDD department as the said department is treating stepmotherly to these villages.
Residents of Aripal , Dar Ganie Gund, Satura , Jawaharpora laam, Deodarpora , Nagnaad , Zesibal , soinar , Gulistan , Hajan , Nargistan , Dharamgund , Gadpora , Wagad , Syedabad pastuna , and dozens of other villages complained about the unscheduled power cuts during sehri (pre-dawn meals) and iftaar times.
Power cuts were regular in our area , But from last many days with the onset of Holy ramzan these cuts became common and a routine.
power scenario in the area was relatively better before the holy month but suddenly worsened with the onset of Ramazan, Residents added
 The residents of these villages are extremely frustrated and annoyed with the PDD For the irregular power supply being given to them since the Ramzan begin which is greatly affecting sehri and iftaar .
   The residents of the area revealed that electricity supply is very irregular and frequent cuts are common to these villages .
” We are paying large amounts to PDD  and on time but in return we are not getting as much of power supply as we are paying, It is burning our pocket “said residents of Dozens of villages .
“Erratic power supply has made our life misserable as life long sources of lighting like kerosene has become very difficult to get”, said Residents of Dar Ganie Gund”
With the onset of Ramzan The power supply has gone totally out of control , with no presictable  pattern to power cuts”,Said mohd Maqbool  ,A resident of satura village of Tral.
“power cuts at the time of “Iftaar and Sehri is now a common routine affair in  areas with people facing many inconveniences”, said Aadil Majeed sheikh A resident of Khanagund village .
” Despite many requests The PDD department is turning deaf ear to our complaints and requests.Now we are urging the Governor administration to intervene the matter so as to subside our misseries and difficulties , Delegation of various villages demanded.