Youth kills father, chops body into 25 parts in East Delhi 

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By IANS on 22/05/2019.

Youth kills father, chops body into 25 parts in East Delhi 

New Delhi, May 22:  A 22-year-old youth killed his father and chopped his body into 25 pieces following an argument over a property dispute in the early hours of Tuesday in East Delhi, the police said on Wednesday.

Aman, the main accused, was arrested along with a friend from outside his home in Shahdara while they were trying to dispose off the body.

According to the police, Aman ran two small cafes in Shahdara and in Burari.

He had been pestering his father, Sandesh Aggarwal (48) to register a property, located in Bholanath Nagar, in his name.

With Aman’s younger brother, sister and mother away in Manali for the past few days, the father and son were alone at home.

“On early hours of Tuesday, they again had an argument and in a fit of rage Aman first assaulted his father and then stabbed him multiple times,” said Meghna Yadav, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Shahdara).

“He later called a friend to help him dispose the body. They chopped the body into 25 pieces and stuffed them into two bags and some black-coloured polythene packets bought from a chicken shop,” said another police officer.

However, a neighbour spotted Aman and his friend putting the blood-stained bags in a car from his balcony. The neighbour later informed the police and the deceased person’s brother at around 2.07 a.m. following which a local police team reached the spot and arrested the duo after finding some packets in which some body parts were stuffed.

“When the police asked Aman about the packets, the accused said that as he had a cafe on the ground floor, he had readied some packets for early morning delivery. But when some policemen opened the packets, they were shocked to find chopped pieces of a human body,” the officer added.

The incident took place barely 300 metres from the DCP’s office and the Farash Bazar police station.

The brother of the deceased told the police that he became suspicious of Aman after he said that his father had gone for a stroll.

He further said that Aman had threatened to kill his father about a month ago. He also claimed in his statement that Sandesh Aggarwal’s wife and other children were also involved in the murder.

“They often used to harass my brother over property issues. A court case was already going on and my brother had already transferred half of his property to his wife and children but they wanted more, including his shop,” the brother of the deceased told the police.

Sandesh Aggarwal had two sons and a daughter and Aman was the elder one.

“During interrogation, Aman kept changing his statements but in the end he confessed to the crime and said that he used a cleaver to chop his father’s body into pieces. The accused and his friend were planning to dump the bags in a dustbin where dogs could eat the body parts.

“A neighbour told us that she received a call from the deceased person’s wife on Monday, who told her that she had to feed 56 dogs and where could one find dogs in large numbers,” the police officer said, adding that the wife and the other children of the deceased were also suspects in the case.