Accounts of crores of Astani Aaliyah Tral are at Stake

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/06/2019.

Accounts of crores of Astani Aaliyah Tral are at Stake

By, Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Tral, June 08:  Kashmir is called the valley of saints who came from different parts of the world to preach and to propagate Islam.To lit the torch of monotheism among kashmirian was their project. For making “propagation of monotheism project” successful this had lead the evolution of the concept of waqf.

The waqf later has been modified and structured in Auqaf Committees involving few religious members working under an administrator or any head. The Auqaf committees in the contemplation of Islamic Jurisprudence we’re based on trust exclusively meant for the development of Masjids and khankhas. Even Charitable trusts we’re opened on the donation given by people for the sustainable development of poor, destitute and needy people running under the completely surveillance of Auqaf committee.

The essence of Auqaf Committees is Kurbat, approach to the Almighty and therefore the real objective of these committees was founded essentially on the service, well being of humanity and for the propagation of Islam as peace and prosperity. These committees we’re structured in systematic ways purely and properly substantiated by suitable laws and legal aspects.

Auqaf committees typically involve donating a building, plot of land or other assets for the construction of Islamic establishments or meant for charitable purposes with no intention of reclaiming the assets or donation.The donated assets held by members of Auqaf or charitable trust under goes proper utilization as per demand and need with consent of members of committee involving the pious foundations.

Unfortunately now- a- days these Auqaf Committees are
having worrying results as they are found involved in nefarious and embezzlement activities. Interestingly, What worse and serious concerns are that they are also involved in encroachments and illegal distribution of funds and charity.

The consistent indifference and irresponsible attitude of the Auqaf committee members has damaged the pious and religious objective by following the illegal and undue ways. Over these matters every body in the society looking deaf and dumb in not taking strong cognizance over these nefarious activities.

Shockingly this incident has also taken place at our famous Astani Aaliyah of Hazrat Ameer kabeer Tral where Tehsildar, as an administrator, has
illegally withdrawn an amount of Rs 8.5 lakh from the two official accounts of Auqaf without taking the consent of the core members of committe.

It has revealed that the money which has been withdrawn by Administrator by using his arcane or dubious signatures on cheques. This nefarious and fraud activity somehow got leaked resulted in full agitation and protestation through out Tral.

Media and social networking sites have taken every bit of cognizance and everyone is demanding now to nab the culprit and take strong notice against him under stringent laws.

This hue and cry has spreaded to every village and this can lead more bad consequences. Locals have expressed deep resentment over it and have requested Deputy Commissioner Pulwama to intervene in the matter Personally.

Embezzlement and dislocation of funds at charitable trust and Auqaf are common acts and no body is here to curb these illegal activities .We must realize that the funds, savings, assets, or other resources, whether they are being properly utilized or not as there are frequent reports about missing or dislocation of funds and charity.

To control embezzlement and dislocation of funds involve honest members in the committee, be alert to development works and supervise employees closely in their assignments. Make proper arrangement of cash receipts in date wise, use informal audits after end of every month,
Install computer security measures to make the accounts theft and embezzlement proof.

Moreover take steps regularly to track development works , manage inventory and use security codes on computer system and also open joint account on the name of administrator including other member of executive body so that withdrawal can be done on the signature of both account holders.

Finally in disposing the pious activities at religious places involve pious members otherwise people will lose faith and system can be disrupted badly.

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
PhD scholar
Kuchmullah Tral