JKLF reacts to NIA chargesheet, says forging unity no crime

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By GNS on 17/06/2019.

JKLF reacts to NIA chargesheet, says forging unity no crime

Srinagar, June 17:“Spearheading a peaceful political movement for resolution of internationally recognized dispute, forging unity among people, reaching out to the affected people with help and assistance and standing against state sponsored violence is no crime at all.

NIA newspaper charge-sheet against JKLF incarcerated chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik and others is not only hilarious but actually speaks volumes about the desperation of so-called biggest democracy to legalize the illegal and arbitrary arrest of conspicuous political personalities like Muhammad Yasin Malik,” said the acting chairman of JKLF Abdul Hamid Butt, while commenting upon the fresh statement issued by NIA in “so-called” terror funding case.

Butt in a statement issued here termed the media charges framed against Yasin Malik as absurd, concocted and hilarious. He said that blaming those who were incarcerated in Indian jails for killings in 2016 is not only pathetic but a cruel joke put forth by Indian democracy which “is desperate to legalize the illegal and arbitrary arrests of political leaders, activists and other people.”

JKLF leader said that Yasin Malik is being accused of spearheading a peaceful political peoples movement, forging unity among nation and also providing a helping hand to the affected people. “We want to ask Indian rulers, the international community and also the legal experts that how is forging unity, spearheading a political movement and reaching out to the affected of violence with help a crime,” he said.

He said that Kashmir is an internationally recognized dispute and striving for its resolution is neither a crime nor an illegal act.

“JKLF is proud of its struggle and efforts for seeking a resolution to this dispute that is in fact a human tragedy and involves the right of self-determination of millions of humans living in Jammu Kashmir,” he said.

He said JKLF at the assurance of the international community and Indian civil society declared a unilateral ceasefire in 1994 and stood to its decision against all odds. Through our peaceful signature campaign, Safr-i-Azadi and other peaceful programs, we promoted non-violent and peaceful mode of struggle in Jammu Kashmir and “despite all oppression, atrocities and false propaganda perpetuated by the Indian state through its forces, agencies, biased media and some weeping boys, JKLF will keep pursuing its goal through peaceful democratic means, God Willing,” he said.

Taking a dig at recent NIA “propaganda” statement, JKLF acting chairman said that Yasin Malik and many others named in “so-called” terror funding case of 2017 were arrested soon after the killing of Burhan Wani on 8 July 2016 and released after many months of incarceration only when the people’s protest faded out in 2017.

“Yasin Sahib was in fact arrested only one hour after the news about Burhan Wani broke out on 8 July 2016. He was kept in solitary confinement at JIC Srinagar for months and released only in 2017 after many months of incarceration,” he said.

He said that NIA has also charged JKLF chairman of providing relief to the affected people of violence in 2016. “We want to tell Indian rulers and their agencies that the international community is aware of the fact that besides striving for the political cause, JKLF has been doing its bit in the field of social work too. We have always kept humanity first and it is this motivation that JKLF reached with relief to the affected people of Latur Maharashtra hit by a devastating earthquake, to the victims of shocking earthquake that hit Gujarat India in 2001, victims of 2005 earthquake, 2011 snow tsunami in Kashmir, to the victims of 2014 flood and organizing camps (Langars) for Amarnath Yartrees in 2008 when fascists had blockaded the people of Kashmir and so on.”

“JKLF organized blood donation camps for Latur and Gujarat victims and it was JKLF incarcerated chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik who even organized a blood donation camp in USA for the 9/11 victims. Today social work and reaching out to the victims of blind violence is also termed as a crime which shows the level of mental bankruptcy of the oppressors,” said the JKLF acting chairman.

“Today JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik is facing the wrath of Indian oppression and is lodged in Tihar jail under shabby condition. Besides being a chronic heart patient and a known kidney patient, he has now developed severe pain in his eyes too and is being denied a proper medical care,” Butt said.

“Besides this, JKLF has been banned by Indian state and its political activities have also been curtailed undemocratically. But despite all this oppression, suppression and tyranny, JKLF will keep striving for its sacred goal, in a peaceful democratic manner and will leave no stone unturned to achieve its legal and democratic goal,” the JKLF acting chairman asserted.