Kuchmullah the most ignored village of Tral

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By Fast Kashmir on 21/06/2019.

Kuchmullah the most ignored village of Tral

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad 

Tral, June 21:  Tral is known for its health resorts , bestowed by natural beauty and is a popular tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists but the unrest that has deeply intensified through out Kashmir but in particular Tral has badly hit. This has resulted in backwardness of all villages in different development works especially in the light of education and macdemization of roads.

Economically it has a lamenting story due to least interest by Govt. Related to its development works it has been ignored in all forms and every time hue and cry was raised by public but no one has lend an ear to the miseries of its people. Same is the case with our village, Kuchmullah,as among all villages it has a bad image in development works and every corner of it depicts rear backwardness. This is because it has always kept back and under covers.

Now coming to the good move of Govt to start “Back to village” programs as these can avail an opportunity of Government-public interface in which Higher authorities of different Govt departments reach to the doorsteps of villagers ,listening to their grievances, suggesting measures to enhance the efficacy for their welfare and most importantly their redressal is done on spot.

” Back to village” program is an opportunistic moment to throw every kind of grievance in front of Govt officials instead they get feedback from the last development works and viewing of the future assignments and plans.

Govt has done better to designated gazetted officers to hold a direct interaction with the people without involvement of any fraudulent mediator. So there is no chance of offering bribe to public.

On the occasion ” Back to village” which is scheduled on 22 June in our village at Roup Reshi Islamia High School, people of this village should raise their all developmental issues like macadamization of roads, construction of drains, electricity, drinking water, works under MNREGA, reconstruction of culverts, repair of electric poles, development of health and educational infrastructure with the visiting officers.

Most importantly grave concern is that the Government primary school established in the year 1980 but still it has not been upgraded to higher classes. Whenever the VLC members approached to the higher officials no one has responded in positive way only they came with bombardment of lame excuses over them. Key point is to be noted here that the village has a great thirst of education even in miserable conditions this can be essenced that the village has maximum number of graduates and post graduates even few PhD’s, KAS officers ,IFS officers, Engineers and Doctors are additional in number.

The designated gazetted officers gathering over here will collect all the information and surely villagers will witness a positive response while highlighting their grievances.

Enthusiastic participation of the general public in the programme will boost the plan in firm ways and hope for quick redressal of their grievances with regard to different developmental works so that people will take a sigh of relief from miserable conditions.

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
PhD scholar
Kuchmullah Tral