NC battered self respect, state’s autonomy in lieu of power

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By FK WEB DESK on 18/06/2019.

NC battered self respect, state’s autonomy in lieu of power

Srinagar, June 18: Peoples Conference senior vice president and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil Tuesday accused the National Conference of befooling common people by lies, deceit and fallacy in lieu of power and conveniently turn their backs when they are entrusted with it.

“The party when it had absolute power but could not restore the lost glory of state assembly so how can they now project themselves as the sole custodian’s of state’s interest”, Vakil said in a statement.

Vakil asserted that if Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah would not have surrendered their authority to Delhi, Congress Governments could not have dared to hang Mohammad Maqbool Bhat and Afzal Guru.

Vakil while touring Yarbugpura, Lithwa, Panzlapura and Balhama areas of Rafiabad said that, “National Conference sold their self respect for the sake of power time and again. Projecting themselves as the sole custodians of states special status now will fetch them nothing because people know how at so many occasions Congress humiliated them. Isn’t it the fact that Congress put Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah behind bars and then installed him as chief minister and later on withdrew their support from NC government also.”

Reminding NC leadership of humiliation, they faced from the hands of Congress, Vakil said that, “In 1976 Congress didn’t allow NC government to expand the cabinet on their own terms and it was congress on whose behest defection by 14 MLA’s was possible to throw Farooq Abdullah out of power. The leadership that could not save their self respect and self esteem is now projecting itself as the lone saviours of honor and dignity of the people of Kashmir which is quite strange”.

Accusing NC of eroding article 370, Vakil further said, “During decades of NC rule, through 47 amendments the special status of J&K was eroded and now the same party is shedding crocodile tears to appease voters”.

Vakil appealed people to strengthen Peoples Conference because it is the only party which has the strong leadership to fight the duplicity of NC and PDP leadership. Senior Leader Khurshid Ahmad Khan, Javaid Masoodi and Ghulam Hassan Lone also spoke on the occasion