NC leaders desperately trying to woo BJP leadership

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By FK WEB DESK on 02/06/2019.

NC leaders desperately trying to woo BJP leadership

Srinagar, June 02: Peoples Conference senior vice president and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil Saturday said that those leaders who accused us of having ties with the BJP are now falling over themselves to woo the same BJP leadership.

 “It is ironic how the leaders who targeted and accused us of being allies of the BJP are queuing up to present bouquets to the Prime Minister and other BJP leaders, requesting the PMO for an early appointment. The same parties and leaders who whipped up rhetoric against the BJP in the Kashmir Valley are now falling over themselves to meet and greet the same BJP leadership whom they spew venom against in the election campaign. The people of Kashmir must see through this hypocrisy and understand that the traditional parties have always divided the electorate on religious and regional lines for the sake of grabbing power”, Vakil asserted.

Vakil said that duplicity and hypocrisy has been the trademark of NC’s politics in Kashmir and the father-son duo are once again trying to hoodwink the people of Kashmir.

“Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah can go to any extent for the sake of power. They have allied with the BJP-RSS in the past and will do it again on the first given opportunity. Omar Abdullah’s political birth took place in Nagpur headquarters of the RSS when was made the junior foreign minister in the BJP government. The humiliating expulsion of Saif-ud-din-Soz from NC for voting against the BJP should be an eye opener for the people of the state”, he added.