By Fast Kashmir on 25/06/2019.


There is wisdom which comes with age and experience’


My brother and I were going to Delhi from Kashmir when we met the air hostess on an airplane. From her apparel, we got to experience at first that she is beyond coyness, deference, etc, but we were stupefied when we heard her talk. She talked upon all the subject matter so confidently that you might assume, she may have the highest degree of education. we had been perfectly exultant to be on the airplane. Scrupulously, we had never experienced its taking off and landing since it was the first time when we sat on the airplane.

Before its departure, we were briefed with the airline safety elucidating how to open the exits if needed,

how and when to use the seat belts,
cellphones to be put in an airplane mode,
how to use the oxygen masks, etc.

All safety instructions were over. The plane was waiting in a line to take off. My brothers and I were peeping out the window to checkup when it is going to take off, what is happening there, we both were only striving to fathom because we were very restive for its departure. In the meantime, my heart felt like it stopped too when the roar of the engine started, we rolled forward, unhurriedly, it picked up speed. The plane started to shake, rattling harder and harder till I was petrified it would crack up. Unanticipatedly, the plane was at a slight angle. The front wheel was off the ground! And after a few seconds, we were up in the air!

When the airplane was in the air. All the passengers started conversing with one another. It was then 3:45 P.M, and as the airplane, we heard, was likely to be very late, owing to something wrong in the air, maybe the weather, I spread my legs and yearned to be convenient when my brother did the same.

Indubitably, we were very weary that day. After a while, the air hostess came to ask us to eat something, initially, we denied but finally, my brother called her and said, What is there for us to eat ‘ as you may be startled to grasp my brother didn’t know what kind of food they serve in airplanes. The air hostess replied with a honeyed voice and the correct pronunciation of all her words “sir, what would you like to eat?
we have cheesy pasta, steamed chicken, soda, tea, etc. I couldn’t call to mind precisely what all she had offered at that time.

However, my brother opened his eyes wide to order, no sooner had he ordered something to eat than a strange man all at once dislocated from his seat as a result of the vibration of the plane. Assuredly, he had got scared however, all the passengers had come close to enhearten him to be harmonious so that he could feel positive unless all could reach their destinations. In a word, he lost consciousness and conclusively regained it too when the plane was landing.

After landing, brakes were applied to prevent further movement of the airplane. The aerobridge was aligned, through which all the passengers could deboard. Meanwhilst, the cargo doors were unlocked and the passenger bags were unloaded from the airplane to send them to their respective areas or in the terminals and along with all the passengers, we two were waiting for our luggage. After collecting our luggage,

we went to find the sun, we went to find the beginning and ending, but we never found them. If we found, we only found that there is no place like Kashmir in the whole world.