Women have shown exemplary strength, resilience in striving for rights of our state and its people: NC 

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By FK WEB DESK on 19/06/2019.

Women have shown exemplary strength, resilience in striving for rights of our state and its people: NC 
Scores of JKPCC Women functionaries, workers join NC

Srinagar, 19, June: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Wednesday said the forces as are inimical to the state’s interests are scripting new machinations to influence the ensuing elections, saying people are yet again all set to trounce all machinations aimed at fiddling with the identity and integrity of the state.
Addressing workers and party functionaries at party head quarters Nawa e Subha, Srinagar party’s provincial president Nasir Aslam Wani said that the state is beset with innumerable onslaughts on its identity and integrity.
“The mammoth of uncertainty, chaos and destruction which was let lose as a consequence of PDP’s tie up with BJP is still plaguing the state in particular the valley of Kashmir. The dividends that were achieved by the Omar Abdullah led government in terms of peace, development and reconciliation were put into a chasm by the former PDP-BJP led coalition. The unprecedented development initiatives, the increased spending in social sector and infrastructure, the process of reconciliation and rapprochement every single initiative suffered from a serious set back. The dithering approach of central government towards the problems faced by the people of Kashmir kept Kashmir simmering. Former CM and PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti shamelessly kept mum over the plight of the people of Kashmir. She had barefacedly shut her eyes towards the plethora of miseries that the people of state had to go through in her stint as chief minister of the state. Her sordid remarks of ‘Toffee and Milk’ were comparable to rubbing salt to the wound of those who had lost their loved ones. People still remember how she mocked the death and destruction by saying that the guns and ammunition of the forces was not for mere display but action,” he said.
 “Moreover, what was good left of our special status in the shape of fiscal autonomy was also stripped by the former BJP-PDP regime. The implementation of GST, SARFESI, National food security act in the state by the former PDP led government is reflective of the fact as to how they chose to crawl before BJP when they were just told to hunker down by their coalition former partner BJP. All the imprudent policies of the former PDP-BJP regime put the common people to duress. The fall out of the policies carried out by PDP-BJP had its impact on artisans, households, marginal farmers, orchardist’s and unorganized working class. Women in particular were at the receiving end of this. The women of the state have borne the brunt of the turmoil, uncertainty, instability and strived against all odds to be an integral part of the state’s movement towards prosperity and peace,” he added.
“Once in power we will ensure more investment in bridging the gender gap, we will make amends to the imprudent policies of former BJP-PDP coalition,” he said.
Party’s state women wing president Shameema Firdous while underscoring the need of having more women in the politics said, “Women activists have always played a pivotal role in strengthening the party at the grass-roots level. Our mothers, sisters and daughters have shown exemplary strength and resilience in striving for the rights of our state and its people. They have borne the brunt of the turmoil in the state and despite unimaginable circumstances, they have never hesitated to stand up and be counted,” adding, “In empowering our women and ensuring they are heard, respected and given due representation, we will be shaping a bright future for our state.”
On the occasion scores of JKPCC Women functionaries and workers from across Kashmir joined the party fold. Party senior leaders Nasir Aslam Wani, Shameema Firdous welcomed new entrants into the party.
Among others party’s district president Srinagar Peer Afaq, Women’s wing provincial president Er. Sabiya Qadri were also present on the occasion. The new entrants into the party fold vowed to make the party stronger at grass roots.