Young poet Adnan Shafi, the pride of Tral

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By Fast Kashmir on 13/06/2019.

Young poet Adnan Shafi, the pride of Tral

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad

Young Adnan Shafi, (23) was born and brought up in a middle class educated Bhat family, of Chandrigaam Tral. From the very beginning he was associated with his innovative thinking and wrote down a number of stories on different topics about different life styles.

He loves the natural beauty whatever bestowed to us by Almighty Allah and described it quite nicely in different poems published in renowned journals of the world. This work of poetry made him step in a new world where he has really explored his talent and up to now he wrote hundreds of poems.

He composed his first poetry book “TEARS FALL IN MY HEART’ which depicts sorrows and vicissitudes of life. Some of his poems show love which can be resulted in loneliness and despair. His poetry is replete with the simplicity of thought and language and explained the situation of man even in different life styles and encourages a man how to deal with different life moments when imbued with ups and downs.

His personal history was just about as uneventful as his lack of movement to goals was bit sluggish and with his hardwork and passion led him to that expectation of something better and worthwhile. The excitement in his life takes him on level of intellect; he has ideas of innovative which are appreciated by everyone and even the small circle of friends has got big inspiration from him and he consistently avoided any larger portion of society remains inside four walls of the room to enjoy the positive outlook of reading books.

His philosophy of living is as simple as I found and he sought always to practice it and he prefers to be humble with surroundings and doesn’t have any personal effects on his life.

He was a captured picture of every eye of being an outstanding student in the school in particular and in general of whole Tral and enjoyed the beauty of living together with the other classmates. He lodged a brilliant career in his life developments and can achieve a big name than he achieved so far. He has great affection to his mother and father and along with them years he lived a life of relief without all life trifles and shows an encouraging move for others.

He has apparent love toward his teachers as they helped him to develop shallow reading and with the intention of creativity and innovative ideas he remained a good tutor as well.

Tral a land of fertile brains always produces a gem like men which have ruled over lakhs of minds and can be a memory for hundreds of years. Though always hit by the unresponsive situation it manages to produce more and more like Adnan.

His acclamation as a poet is growing more and more , but in other fields he expressed his ideas through articles and descriptive writing and contributed the number of newspapers and journals. despite this, he has great patriotic love towards the paradise of Kashmir and dedicated his number of poems towards apathy and subjugation of people living here.

Adnan shafi, a young and budding poet is overall an inspiration for all of us. He has carried his excellency through his poetry and managed to achieve a big name in the poetry world. Though having economic void still he has great faith in Allah and quiet determent to achieve more and bigger names. Finally with good wishes may Allah bless him and shower wisdom on his life so that diamond like him will shine more and more.

Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
Ph.D. scholar
Kuchmullah Tral