Centre, State Govts to fight two way war in JK—to wipe out militancy, root out corruption: Ram Madhav

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By KNO on 31/07/2019.

Centre, State Govts to fight two way war in JK—to wipe out militancy, root out corruption: Ram Madhav

On Article 35 A, whatever decision is taken will be in favour of State and country, NC PDP creating fear psychosis

Srinagar, July 31: Even as BJP’s General Secretary Ram Madhav kept the debate whether Article 35 A would be removed or not alive, he has made it clear that Centre along with the J&K government and security forces will fight a two way war on militancy and corruption.

Madhav while addressing press conference here at SKICC here, said that National Conference and PDP were feeling frustrated by the Centre’s drive against the corruption and are now trying to spread rumours to gain political mileage. “Let me make it clear that whosoever is involved, no matter how big he is, will be booked if found involved in the corruption charges. Thousands of crores have been pumped into the State by the Centre that has gone directly into the pockets of these corrupt politicians,” he said.

As per KNO, Madhav said that security forces in Jammu and Kashmir with the direct support of the Centre have been able to contain militancy in the State. “Over the past one year, militancy has sustained a dent. Now Security forces will go after the Over Ground Workers (OGWs) and also the left over militants,” he said. “Centre will be fighting a two way war—against corruption and to wipe out militancy from the State turf.”

According to KNO, Madhav while addressing a press conference here at SKICC said that some political parties have once again started talking out of their frustration and they are now stating something like “Barood etc” if article 35 A goes.

“I would like to clarify here, that whatever decision GoI or the court where the issue of Article 35 A is being discussed will be for the benefit of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and country,” Madhav said, according to the KNO correspondent present in the presser.

The BJP National General Secretary said that that BJP will contest on every seat in Jammu and Kashmir. “We would also like to see various other parties who have clean past and present to fight elections so that the two parties, who have ruined the State by resorting to rampant corruption, are kept out of power,” he said.

The BJP’s point man for Kashmir said that some political parties are trying to create water hysteria by saying, “this and that will happen.” “Mehbooba (PDP chief) has even crossed limits by claiming that barood say khelna etc (playing with the powder keg). This is strange as they are doing it at a time when State is all set to go through polls,” he said.

To a query that Kashmir was under tight grip of rumours that suggest article 35 A would go given the troop arrival in Kashmir, he said forces arrival is to strengthen the counter insurgency grid and it has nothing to do with the article 35 A. “Whatever is done for the Article 35 A, will be for the benefit of J&K and the country,” he reiterated, as per the KNO.

He also said that security forces and the governments at the Centre and State are committed to wipe out “militancy from the state” and so far major success has been achieved. “Now action will be taken against OGWs as the problem is not one day old but several decades old,” he said