Future of Kashmir at stake (Drug Abuse at peak):

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/07/2019.

Future of Kashmir at stake (Drug Abuse at peak):
Mir Kaiser

Srinagar, July 11: Sudden face of the drug: Srinagar district head, Anantnag number second
Addictive students include 60% 10 + 2, 20% graduate and 10% post graduate students.
Srinagar Even though 90% of the educated youth are suffering from drug addiction campaigns, while only 10% of them are studying. In this survey report, it is revealed that in this addiction, 13 years old children are 64 years old. The elderly citizens are also suffering from this problem.
The National Institutes of Mental Health and Neuro Scientific report has shown that in a variety of drug addicts or 60% of the students, drug qualifications of young people are 10 + 2 while 20% graduate and 10% postgraduate The drug addicts are involved. According to the supreme available to the priest, The survey also found that 80% of the youth using heroin, brush sugar, cocaine and drug addicts are among those who belong to homeowners or do business themselves.
The National Institute of Mental Health According to Nero Science Report 2018.19, out of 37% of those people who came for treatment, belong to urban areas and 62 percent are being told from the rural areas. Referring to the statistics of the drug drug center (President Hospital) The youths brought here, 20% of them between 13 and 19 years, 42% of age, 20 to 27k Between the age of 15, between 28 and 34, 14% of the age between 35 and 42 years, 5% between 43 to 49 years, between 3 to 47 years between 2 and 58 years old between 58 and 64 years.
The educational qualifications of 60% of youth in the university are 10 + 2, 20% graduate, 10 percent of the percentage of pg and those educated youth have been reported 10 percent. In drug addicts, 32 percent are married, 45 percent unmarried, 10 percent divorced, 7 percent, which are separated and 6 percent are included. On drug drug centers The youth were brought to Srinagar district, with a record of 40.57 percent of their population.
The number of dental nutrients, which is 14.15 percent, is estimated at 7.5 percent of the inflammation, 8.4 percent of pregnancies, 8.5 percent of kidneys, 2.8 percent of Kolkata, 8.4 percent of the bowl, 8.4 percent of Gandhal, 3.7 percent of Bonduras and 3.77% of Barhamulla were brought here. Talking to Kashmir Chief Minister Arshad Hussain, a specialist of medical college professor, said that at present, the need is not to organize awareness programs, but that the society has its attitude Come forward Police, media and doctors are playing their role in the seminar on every Friday, but in reality the society should give special attention to it.
Teachers should take a look at the children in schools. He said that drug use is increasing throughout the valley. He said that in this regard the Society had already been informed that all its efforts were taken together There is a need to take measures, but at that time no one ignores it.