Need to remove bottle necks faced by youth in meeting their education and employment aspirations: NC

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By FK WEB DESK on 28/07/2019.

Need to remove bottle necks faced by youth in meeting their education and employment aspirations: NC
Incumbent governor administration has failed to focus on rampant drug abuse, de-addiction programme: Imran Nabi Dar
Addresses one day youth convention in Kulgam 

Kulgam, 28 July: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday said the party represents the aspirations of the youth of the state, saying need of the hour calls for enhancing the capabilities of youth to ensure that they are able to meet their objectives.
Addressing a one day youth convention at Town hall Kulgam, constituency in-charge Kulgam and provincial spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said, “It is imperative for the people at the helm to affairs to feel the pulse of youth in rapidly evolving circumstances.  It is for a government to remove bottle necks faced by the youth in meeting their education, skilling, and employment aspirations.  However, the successive governments after 2015 have failed to work in this direction. There has been no sincere effort from the side of government to mitigate the issues the youth of valley are facing. Unfortunately the plight of the youth never attracted due attention of the previous coalition partners, the incumbent governor administration proved equally negligent towards giving wings to the aspirations of youth.”
Imran said the tremendous stress, insecurity and the chocking of the safe spaces have pushed the youth in the state towards drug abuse. “Today the youth of our state in particular the valley of Kashmir is undergoing enormous fear. Frequent bouts of depression often as a result of unemployment. Many of our youngsters are turning to drug abuse in order to mitigate themselves from the discomfort arising from the current situation. The way the former BJP-PDP coalition partners robbed the youth of their merit has dejected the youth to core. The nepotism, cronyism and absence of any effective policy framework to solve the issues have pushed the youth to wall. Much of the productive time of our youth was lost due to the misrule of former coalition partners. Moreover the present administration owing to its non-representative character too failed to bring respite to the youth,” he said.
While extolling the role of YNC functionaries, Imran said the youth of the state have pinned its hopes on Omar Abdullah. “The youth of our state is no less ambitious, hardworking and sharp than their counter parts in the rest of country; however it is the lack of any sincere initiative that had added to their miseries. People remember how Omar Abdullah led government had revolutionized the job creation in the state through SKEWPY, Himayat and Udaan schemes. The explicit memory of the youth is still afresh with the sheer effectiveness of the public recruitment agencies in Omar sahab’s reign. However the situation today is different. The public recruitment agencies failed to rise up to the aspirations of youth. Every single window of opportunity has been closed for our youth. However with Omar sahib in the vanguard of the new government, the agenda of youth empowerment will be pursued on war-footing,” he said.
 “Today the youth of our state is beset with plethora of problems. However, the rampant drug abuse is more concerning. The incumbent government has failed to focus on de-addiction programs and prevention to tackle the menace in the state, Kashmir region in particular. The need of the hour calls for evolving a multi-faceted policy to deal with the menace. On one hand the government is supposed to create jobs, invest in skill development; on the other hand they need to take civil society groups along to address the issue on societal level. It is high time for all of us to meet the challenge of drug abuse at societal level before it morphs into a much dire situation. Once NC comes to power, we will speed up the efforts to eradicate the evil of drug addiction and substance use from the state. It is the youth that has the power to transform the state. We will sincerely give a helping hand to our youth to help them realize their objectives.”
Among others scores of YNC functionaries including Ishtiyaq Ganaie, Muneeb Zargar, Mushtaq Shah, party workers were also present on the occasion.  The YNC functionaries pledged to take the party program to every door step.