6 years on, Water Supply Schemes Still Not Functional In Pattan Villages

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/02/2020.

6 years on, Water Supply Schemes Still Not Functional In Pattan Villages

Locals Fetch Water From Nallah’s

Yaseen Shabaz Malik

Baramulla, Feb 03: From years four villages in Pattan Tehsil of Baramulla District is depriving from the safe drinking water.

Goushbugh, Aglar, Ussan and Lolipora villages about 10,000 of population faces the problem every day.
The water supply station which would be their reliable source of water which were founded on October 2013 by Minister Mohammad Akbar lone and deadline to complete in 2016 but so far it is not-functional yet as they are sceptical about its completion.

Residents are affected by a lack of safe water, Facing lot of problems due to the lack of safe water.Every day the people of the area surviving for safe water, usually women and girls, walk miles to get safe drinking water said a local resident zubair ahmad tailey.

The water is usually full of diseases and makes us and our families very sick, ussually the water we collect is from streams and ponds he adds.

As the water scarcity from long time,as to fetch water it is common for women’s by making arduous 1 to 2 kilometers long trek Saveral times every day for household needs,which took us hours to get the safe water said a lady Rubeena who was on way to home with water bucket on her head.

We install tube-wells in our homes, which drew water from underground aquifers, to provide a presumably safe source of water said a local Irfan Ahmad.

Every day we are waiting with our buckets for water tanky in chilli weather to get some pure water which we use for drinking for whole day said a local lady Aisha.
Most of the days in winter the water tankers don’t reach us on time he added.

However Goushbugh residents added that we have an another water supply station but that is not filtrated well and not healthy to drink even to wash the clothes or any other purpose because the water is gassy water (mixed with gas).

The Drinking Water Station is fully autonomous and can purify water at a rate of up to 20,000 litres per day without any existing infrastructure but the water station is not working well it could not purify the water well that affects the people of the area.

The residents concerned officials several times to personally look about the matter to mitigate the problem being faced by us another villager Javid Nabi said.

However the authorities said that we will sot out the matter but couldn’t completed yet & put thus defunct,since the day nobody turned to the village to repair he added.

Locals appealed to authorities that to take swift action and to resolve public grievance and make the schemes functional as soon as possible so that we get some relief from this and live life without hardships.

In this regard AEE PHE Pattan said that ‘At that time the concerned department had an issue with flood department and left the work half away,they failed to provide safe drinking water to the masses, he assured people we look into the matter as earlier as we could’.