JVC Hospital: Unhygienic conditions and lack of equipments put neonate lives at risk

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By FK WEB DESK on 10/02/2020.

JVC Hospital: Unhygienic conditions and lack of equipments put neonate lives at risk

Srinagar, Feb 10, KNT: Scores of neonates admitted in the critical care ward of JVC Hospital here face a huge risk to their lives as lifesaving equipment installed in the wards are either poorly maintained or have turned defunct. Besides the non-availability of sophisticated equipments, the ‘narrow’ ward for neonates is unhygienic where rats and cats appear in broad day light.

    “It is the duty and obligation of hospital management to bring down hospital infections, use decontaminating equipment to improve basic cleanliness. Management has failed to keep their medical equipment, beds, sinks and even toilets sufficiently clean. You can yourself see blood-stains on bed rails and walls,” an attendant told Kashmir News Trust adding that the ward is so filthy and narrow that attendants find it hard stay with their baby patients.

    Reports said that the situation in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is terrible as the ventilators and baby warmers are in bad and unhygienic condition allegedly due to the callous approach of officials.

    In NICU section of the hospital, where babies are under incubation, ventilation and radiation therapies, the terrible condition of these life saving equipments is evident.

   Insiders said machines in the ICU and other vital equipments installed in the hospital were not been maintained properly which, according to medicos, may prove fatal for the patients and may lead to death.

    The ventilators installed in the ICU are in worst condition as the air filters (bacterial filters and humidifiers) have not been cleaned for long. “There is every chance of dust and bacteria directly entering into the patients’ lungs which can cause acute bronchitis,” said a doctor adding that the staff is keen to perform their duties but the lack of facilities and callous approach of higher-ups spoil everything.

    “Any ward for neonates should always be kept neat and clean. If we don’t do so, they rapidly catch infection that becomes the major cause behind the death of babies,” he added.

    A top official blamed attendants for spreading the dirt in the ward. “There are inadequate security arrangements in the hospital as a result attendants arrive at any time and litre the hospital,” he said and added that there are proper equipments that are in good shape. (KNT)