Peacs exit poll: AAP to get clear majority

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/02/2020.

Peacs exit poll:  AAP to get clear majority

Votes ignore CAA, voted for water, better education

New Delhi, Feb 8, KNT: Platform for Election Analysis and Community Studies which is also called ‘Peacs’ in its Exit Poll has predicted a clear win for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in New Delhi elections.

   The exit poll conducted by Peacs claims that AAP will secure 50 to 55 seats with a vote share of 51% followed by BJP that may get 10 to 15 seats while Congress may secure one seat with a vote share of 9%.

   The vote share of BJP will be around 33%. BSP and others as per the exit poll may not open their accounts, however, they may get a vote share of 7%.

   As per the methodology adopted by Peacs, a total of 23 Assembly constituencies were selected out of 70 constituencies of Delhi. Within the assembly constituencies 30 polling stations were selected for conducting interviews. In each polling station, around 20 interviews were randomly done. A total 13,800 voters were interviewed from 23 Assembly constituencies.

   During the exit poll, it surfaced that the incumbent Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal enjoys a popularity of 52%. “CAA was not an issue in these elections. People voted for water supply, free electricity and better education. Majority of the people think that Kejriwal should continue as Chief Minister and are happy with his work. (KNT)