13 Months On, Tehsildar ImamSahib has Never checked Market

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By Fast Kashmir on 17/03/2020.

13 Months On, Tehsildar ImamSahib has Never checked Market
Junaid Gulzar

Shopian, March 17: Tehsildar imamsahib  Hamidullah Mir has been appointed before 13 months and he has never visted imamsahib market to check rates of items. The residents of imamsahib said that the non seriousness of Tehsildar imamsahib has provided vaccum to shopkeepers in the area, to sell products on extorate rates and loot public with out any fear.
The  residents alleged that the Tehsildar never comes out of his office to deliever his duties as he supposed to be. They said that Tehsildar imamsahib is completely failed to regulate market prices as he never pays any seriousness regarding black marketing in the market.
 Locals Added more that The
 shopkeepers are selling products on their own will and are not having any fear of law.
Apart from market check it is further alleged that the said Tehsildar has never look on encroachment and the foot paths  which are illegally encroached by Shopkeepers and the public has to suffer and has to walk through main roads.
When the civil administration fails to deliver their professional job responsibilities came on other departments which is not supposed to perform such jobs. Similarly when Tehsildar imamsahib  fails to check such assigned duties then responsibility came on other departments J&k police after observing the blackmarketting, sell of expire products and other illegal market activities J&K pilice recognized their responsibilities and they performed routine market check to push the nose such un ethical market activities.
The reside of imamsahib while talking to this reporter said that the we are very thankful to concerned Dysp who recognized the need of hour and deputed his special team to conduct market checking.
When we contacted Tehsildar said that these are only allegations there is nothing fact that i am not checking the market.He said that he had done multiple routine market checks in past and we are surveillancing  the markets through a proper mechanism but when this reporter said him that the shopkeepers are illegally occupying footpath for their business purposes then why not your mechanism works he said that he will look into the matter and assured that such illegal encouraged will be released from the feet of encouragers.