A class of people deprived of Coronavirus Awareness and Equipments

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By Fast Kashmir on 30/03/2020.

A class of people deprived of Coronavirus Awareness and Equipments


Srinagar, March 30: You see this Coronavirus locked and caged whole world. You imagine the world few months before and glance it now. Each one of us restless, impatient & depressed. Not scared of the death but deeply frightened and shivered, for the way it kills. The moment it leaves people all aloof. As if he/she isn’t born yet. It looks the chapter of the world is now closed.

The people have become either more religious or irreligious. Some are deeply concerned with their own lives. Some deeply concerned with the lives of others. Some are combating this by staying at home, some are fighting by making others to stay home. All are busy in defeating this Coronavirus possibly to get rid of this home quarantine.
You see many NGOs village, district, state, national or Intentional have come forward fight this deadly disease. Thousands of international celebrities have donated in one way or the other. Many national and multinational companies have joined their administration in fighting the virus. As every country stopped all other minor and major projects and works have been stopped. And collectively are united against this epidemic disease. Administrations have kept no stone unturned to fight it the best way. In nutshell from an individual to NGOs all are performing their respective roles & responsibilities, desiring anyway could this disaster be ended.

But at the same time I wish to take your attention to the class of people. Who are still unaware about this epidemic and deadly disease. Not because they don’t care but because we don’t care. Since its beginning in the Wuhan state of China said to be in December month of 2019. Everyone started to post on social media its causes, effects and usually precautionary measures. Mass media started to work day and night making stories, News reports, graphics, images, audios, videos, podcasts, posters, cartoons, and illustrations. Just to aware and inform the people about this dangerous virus.

You too are the one who still plays the role. Didn’t you upload any content related to this virus. I am sure you will not nod your head. As I myself do! I am not going to criticize you or your role and behavior, I can’t. But let me remind you. Do you know there is a class of people? who don’t know what’s mobile phone, what’s social media, what’s television, what’s newspaper. How they can receive the awareness about this pandemic disease? And it’s for sure that each individual in any corner of the world where this virus could reach need to be informed awakened. Not through the means that could reach the educated and smart class only but every one, staying anywhere.

Our collective efforts against this virus are very appreciable and undeniable but could be all useless if such people remain uninformed, unaided and inaccessible. I want to remind these NGOs and administrations to look for the mediums and tools to inform such people, beyond the social and mass media. Similarly as you go door to door to provide food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, money for the needy. We demand for sanitizers, masks and soaps. But believe me they will never demand for such. We either protest and invite media and fulfill our demands. They can’t and they will not. We forward our complaints to administrations by a single click through our mobile phones. But they can’t and they will not. Alas! We have continuously been discussing about social distance. But this is still a vague for these people. Not because of carelessness but because of unawareness.

Therefore they deserve to get awareness and information about this pandemic disease. They need to know, What’s happening globally, they need to be what’s social distance. They need to know its dangerous consequences. If not now then never. You may be thinking, are really such people existing in our society? Off course yes! I am pointing here my neighboring picnic spot Doodpathri, where hundreds of Gujjars and Bakerwals live in the small muddy and wooden huts. And such people also deserve as we do.

Now it is your responsibility to find and know such areas and people around you in Kashmir and try to involve if not yourself then the concerned authorities or NGOs to provide them information and awareness about this deadly coronavirus beyond mass & social media.

Saif Ali Budgami