Concealing travel history is criminal: Govt

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By KNO on 29/03/2020.

Concealing travel history is criminal: Govt

Kansal says those hiding travel history put entire society at risk

Srinagar,  Mar 29: The Jammu and Kashmir government on Sunday said that concealing travel history is a crime, saying that those hiding travel history are putting the entire society at risk.

According to wire service—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), government spokesman, Rohit Kansal in a tweet said that despite repeated appeals, the people are hiding their travel history.

He said that the couple which was tested positive yesterday in Srinagar concealed their international travel history.

“Contact tracing teams reporting that despite so many appeals people still hiding travel histories. Couple which tested positive in Srinagar yesterday hid international travel history. This is criminal. Please note- an entire society is being put at risk,” Kansal tweeted