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By FK WEB DESK on 15/03/2020.

Display of motivational teaching by a young teacher

Teacher is the one who is considered as the buider of nation as he imparts knowledge and ethical values to others. He enlightens the life of a student like a candle flame to give light others. He guides and trains them in a particular way to achieve bright and goal oriented successes. In the school he has a thorough eye over student’s activities and in the class room he instructs them with zeal and zest without any impure intention .He develops them with a concrete purpose and burns every drop of blood over the career of student’s life.

Teacher is not only called as the builder of student but he is treated as the builder of nation also as he is having right kind of skills and techniques to make the individuals of society as recognised and responsible citizens. Achieving big educational goals is a dream of every individual but without teacher it remains only in dreams but not in actions. The teacher helps students in achieving educational qualifications and crafts their educational career in a better way.With his skills, he imparts knowledge not only about academics but also about religion, civics, community and other norms of life. In formal teaching point of view a teacher helps the pupils to learn lessons and then assessing their progress at the time of exam or conducting class tests. Apart from the professional duties he extends his role by accompanying his students in different cultural activities conducted in schools and also on field trips, he helps in how to develop research skills by keeping them in direct contact with the study area.

The teacher organizes functions and serves as guide in extracurricular activities related to education, thus inculcating all values of discipline , character and ethical. From very beginning the student’s first lesson is the inspiration and motivation of a teacher.The student gets ready to learn everything as he motivates himself from inspiration of the teacher and is able to focus all his interest towards studies, every time motivates and prepares himself to achieve big successes in life. Most importantly the student targets on his goals and onl all competitive examinations. These efforts are purposely meant to achieve big successes in life but these can be possible only when there is a teacher with having inspiratory and teaching skills. In my own observation and research in Govt schools there are some some talented and hard working teachers. Among them is the most dedicated teacher namely Mr. Khursheed Ahmad Bhat from lorgam , Tral. He is a motivational teacher and has great teaching abilities from his early age he lost his father which gave him a harsh whip to his life but he did not keep his nerves down he continued his aspiration to achieve highest educational goals in life and completed his M.A in English and B.Ed. In the year 2009 he was appointed as a Govt teacher and from his begning he has right kind of teaching skills and inspired the students effectively and started to bring a positive change in student’ s life. He got an opportunity to work in different schools of upper reaches of Tral especialy in Govt.Hr sec.school Lurgam. He also works as a Resource person in the zone Awantipora and Pampore to train teachers.

During his teaching he uses his mindset and experience in nice way in teaching style and used all kinds of TLM’s in class to impart quality education.Even he has taking healthy hand of social and print media to make teaching an impressive factor in teaching – learning process and was appreciated number of times by Govt officials.

In his teaching career he emanated out better and satisfactory results .He is treated as an influential and life-changing role model for young teachers and student’s don’t forget his ability to inspire them and as a teacher he plays an instrumental role in shaping the career of his students. The way he inspires as teacher i can understand how inspiration can become an important factor in changing the life of a student and it can be treated as a God gifted and is not every one’s a cup of tea.Inspiration can initiate student’s abilities to strive for big successes in life. In order to become an influential picture in students life teacher like Khursheed Ahmad Bhat must bridge a strong relationship with the student. In doing so, teacher has every opportunity to influence student’s life virtually in every aspect . Aspire to inspire is an important factor of great teachers in which he not only focuses to impart quality education but he musters the courage to lift the career of a student to higher skies.

So while teaching teacher must remember some kind of inspirational objectives in mind such as to help students while learning in a funny way, stimulating them to gear positive change in life, engaging them in constructive and creative way. Not only this try to behave in a way so that students feel comfortable , keeping them ready to face any challenge, deliver lecture in an exciting and motivating way which will benefit them immeasurably in the long run.

These innumerable factors of a teacher can definitely revolutionize the life of a student out of raw chunks and will be remembered forever as a revotionery teacher in students life.

Dr. Sheikh Arshid Ahmad
Kuchmullah Tral