“NA BOOZUN syndrome” , kashmir’s ancestry apparel

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By Fast Kashmir on 29/03/2020.

“NA BOOZUN syndrome” , kashmir’s ancestry apparel



Srinagar, March 29: As on one side if the whole world has been inundated by deadly incurable Corona virus but on the otherside kashmir valley hasbeen wrapped by another wrapper known as “NA BOOZUN”.

“NA BOOZUN , is a malody which is innate legacy of kashmiri’s.On one hand as the deadly corona virus is spreading like the wildfire across the globe and the major and powerfull countries of the world are kneeling before this gale , but on the otherhand the people of kashmir have made its arrival a jest.

But i appreciate the administration of the state , who have stood the same day and night in this arduous time , but alas ! What to do in Kashmir valley ? even the government like jehangir and akbar failed to bring color to the kashmir? People here listen more rumours than facts and ears become deaf too.

As the sound of administration is echoeing in our ears “STAY INDOORS &STAY SAFE” but this sound is restricted to our ears only but sadly we didn’t test this sound , due to which this fatal disease didn’t knock but made its place here.

As the administration have urged the people to stay indoors and provide all the basic ammneties at the doorsteps which the people need their daily life , but the people still don’t miss the mark.

But it is not too late now , it is still time to do something for someone and for ourselves that is why we shouldn’t wait to strike till the iron is hot , but make it hot by striking.

So it is the responsibility of we citizens and residents of Kashmir to break this “NA BOOZUN CHAIN ” to work together and to cooperate with our administration to make this kashmir COVD-19 free .
We will fight against this COVID -19 unitedly