Sanitation below par at GMC Anantnag

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By KNT on 23/03/2020.

Sanitation below par at GMC Anantnag

Srinagar, Mar 23: Despite tall claims by the government to develop the health sector in the Kashmir valley, patients visiting Government Medical College Anantnag here are complaining of poor hygienic conditions in the hospital.

As per sources, scores of patients at the hospital said the hygienic condition of the hospital especially the washrooms is really poor. They said they were at high risk of infection due to poor hygiene in the hospital.

A patient Rehana at the hospital said, “There is poor sanitation in the hospital and foul smell emanates from the washrooms. Hospital authorities should look into the issue,” said Rehana.

Scores of patients said that there is need for quick intervention from the higher authorities to change the situation to prevent the people visiting hospital from acquiring hospital borne infections.

“Such situation can cause a serious infection to the patients. Most of the toilets at the hospital are clogged with filth, causing immense problems to the patients and their attendants,” said Afsha, an attendant. She alleged that there few functional toilets in the hospital.

Patients lamented that a disgusting smell pervades in and around washrooms as the administration take no measures to prevent the foul smell. “Though we don’t complain about the treatment, but going to the washrooms in this hospital is like visiting a hell on earth. They stink to high heaven and those visiting these are prone to infections, “an attendant Shabir Ahmad from Shopian, who was accompanying his wife for treatment, said.

A sanitation worker at the hospital wishing anonymity for official reasons pointed out: “We clean the washrooms regularly but due to huge rush of patients, their attendants and visitors to the hospital it becomes difficult to maintain it all the time.”

On the other hand, the patients alleged that apart from being dirty, there are no separate washrooms for men and women while most of them are without doors due to which the female attendants find it difficult to use them. “It is terrible to be here. One can contract dangerous diseases on visiting here for the treatment. I am worried that I may acquire infection due to poor hygiene at the hospital,” said another patient who refused to reveal her name.

  Though the hospital management time and again claims that they always work hard to keep the hospital in and around clean, but the ground reality tells a very different story.

Abdul Wahid, an attendant of Bhijbehra said: “There is lack of sanitation in the hospital especially the wards and foul smell comes out of the washrooms. We have to use masks inside the hospital and authorities have failed to look into the issue.”

He alleged that the toilets are littered and are not cleaned for days. There is foul smell emanating from every nook and corner of the hospital washrooms. “Such situation can cause serious infection to the patients with open wounds,” Wahid said adding that the toilets are blocked with filth, much to the inconvenience for the patients and their attendants.

When contacted an official denied the complaints made by the people and claimed that the washrooms of the hospital are fine. “The washrooms at the hospital are not dirty or damaged at all. “Patients are more responsible for the poor hygiene in the hospital. Despite repeated warnings, the attendants of patients refuse to keep the washrooms clean,” he said. (KNT)