Traffic mess is back in Srinagar City-Centre

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By KNT on 16/03/2020.

Traffic mess is back in Srinagar City-Centre

Srinagar, Mar 16: Amidst Coronavirus scare, traffic department has apparently forgotten to regulate traffic in Srinagar city. The department was implementing court orders in letter and spirit but on Monday, it allowed commuters to park their vehicles along roadside throughout city centre.

   Dozens of vehicles were seen parked along roadside at Polo-View, Regal Chowk, MA Road, Exchange Road, Hari Singh High Street, Exhibition Road, Jahangir Chowk and other spots.

   Commuters, who were allowed to park their vehicles only at designated parking slots, took advantage of the situation and parked their vehicles wherever they wished. Vehicles were seen parked outside shops in city centre and no a traffic cop was seen around in the city.

  “People were appreciating the traffic department for implementing the court orders in letter and spirit. There were no traffic jams now in Lal Chowk due to efforts of traffic cops, but on Monday, there was traffic mess and no cops were seen regulating the traffic,” said Muhammad Ashraf to Kashmir News Trust.

Over half a kilometre stretch of Residency road that traverses Srinagar city’s commercial hub, Lal Chowk, remained occupied with cars parked by shopkeepers and customers and badly affected smooth flow of traffic.

   Apart from wrong parking, vendors had a field day on Monday. Scores of vendors were seen occupying roads from Polo-View to Hari Singh High Street.

   “I wonder what happened to the court directions and why the traffic department is now showing the signs of leniency and not acting against the violators,” questioned a scribe Irfan Ahmed.