Workers of MC Qazigund goes “Door to Door” Spraying to prevent spread of Covid19

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By Fast Kashmir on 30/03/2020.

Workers of MC Qazigund goes “Door to Door” Spraying to prevent spread of Covid19

Shakir Wani

Qazigund, March 30: The door to door disinfectant spray started throughout Qazigund town by MC Qazigund. Municipal Staff Sprayed Chemical Quaternary Ammonium Compounds in Qazigund town to prevent the spreading of CoronaVirus or Covid19.


They Spray Vehicles, Residential houses, and bottles filled with household disinfectants like bleach are quickly being dispatched across the town, as the country scrambles to control the outbreak of the novel coronavirus known as Covid19.


MC workers Seeing lines of disinfecting spray workers cruising the streets during an outbreak, or wearing a mask as a purely preventative measure (when you’re not ill, and not in direct contact with sick people) may help give a false sense of security during an outbreak.


But public health experts stress that those moves, which are minimally effective at best, can also direct money, supplies, and attention away from where it’s needed most.
Coronavirus Cases:
view by country

The deadly virus, which originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December, has so far sickened more than 199 countries around the globe, CoronaVirus cases: 740695
Deaths: 35233
Recovered: 156599
Because the coronavirus is chiefly transmitted through respiratory droplets, which get passed around in an infected person’s spit and mucus.

If you’ve been following news on the spread of the novel coronavirus, a disease that is caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2, concern for your family’s health is most likely top of mind. After a slow-but-steady spread from China throughout Asia and into European countries like Italy, COVID-19 has largely affected the United States.

The CDC recommends that people who have respiratory symptoms wear them to prevent others from getting sick, as face masks may help stem some bacteria, especially in confined spaces (wearing them outside won’t do you any favors!). “These are hard to wear all the time, especially, one could imagine, if you are sick, so the best thing to do is to keep this potentially infected household member as isolated from the rest of the household as possible.
The deaths of most affected countries are as:
Italy: 10,779
Spain: 6,803
China: 3,304
Iran: 2,640
France: 2,606
US: 2,510
UK: 1,228
Netherlands: 772
Germany: 541
Belgium: 431
Switzerland: 300
South Korea: 158
Brazil: 136
Turkey: 131
Sweden: 123
Portugal: 119
Indonesia: 114
Austria: 86
Denmark: 72.
In India, the total number of Covid cases are 1118 and 29 deaths.
In Jammu and Kashmir, the total no. Of Covid patients are 49.
Total positive: 49
Deaths: 02
Recoveries: 03
In Kashmir Division.34
And in Jammu div. 15 +ve reported so far.
(With inputs from Agencies)