Coronavirus, An Ado to Mankind

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By Fast Kashmir on 24/04/2020.

Coronavirus, An Ado to Mankind


Srinagar, April 24: In the known history of mankind, there hasbeen more than one epidemic and caused great loss of lives,But the calamity that befell the world today is such a appalling and horrific that it may have been the first time the world is facing such a cataclysmic and ruinous epidemic. What is interesting , intriguing and surprising about this deadfull and incurable virus is that no one has ever seen its motives and rationale. The rapidity of this virus can be gauged from the fact that it has put the human life at stake.

There has hardly been a quandary and problem in the history of the world that has frightened the whole world so much and is debated and crooning on every lip .If anything in the nook and corner of the world is debated today and has dominated the human minds ,it is coronavirus.
What is Coronavirus? How it appeard? Whose deeds are slipping around the globe and killing the humanitarians. Coronavirus is a recondite curse for which no cure has been discovered yet, it is a natural calamity ,which has shaken the human society and changed the human values and deleted the page entity.

It is only a matter of few months that the world has heard this name “CORONA” and seen its evil deeds In many respects, If the name of this virus had come into the history ,it would have come on a very limited pages, Now the situation is that in all continents only the name of this virus is echoing and people all over the world are articulating about the devastation of this scourge and flog and now it seems that the virus will continue to batter and defile the humans on this planet.The most portentous thing is it’s spread and ramify, The virus spreads so fast that man is not finding any place to save himself.It is a mysterious disease with no known cause, The most scary aspect of this disease is that its virus is hidden from view.

So far this deadly virus has engulfed the globe as inferno and no cure has yet been found for this epidemic.Doctors , Experts and world famous labs are in race to find a cure for this terrible virus.

Gris and fear have made place in some minds that this is not a case with any planetary creature that wants to takeover this planet of life? Interestingly from morning to evening authority of the UT is also prompting the ways to prevent its spread and chain and is being announced again and again that the people shouldn’t go out of their homes, but it is a strange spectacle that the people are not ready to obey any word and this announcement is restricted to our ears only and everywhere people laughing, Debating and have made this process and government directives a mockery, The intellect is amazed, Death is enjoyed here.

We all have read that life is strange and beautiful thing but it seems to be fictious. Of course life is nothing more than a dream, This dream hasbeen spread for centuries and there is nothing comely more than this life and man clings to this temporary life and finally oneday sooner or later passes so we must take this uncertainty of life seriously.

Today people of all faiths are praying to their God to obviate from the scourge of this gruesome ado , De facto the situation is getting worse as the clock sound, Isn’t it a punishment for our uncommitted sins?

Doctors who are working on frontline but the police and sanitation workers are also battling on the ground and their job is also commendable , But the toil and task of preventing this epidemic is not limited to few individuals and departments, but is the onus of Hoi pulloi also to share its assistance to these warriors, so that we can control this, Also inspite of Fright of this perilous and petrified epidemic we have to covenant to Fight against this Gordianknot and have to keep hope that the flag of life and mankind will be hoisted again