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01/04/2020 10:00 pm

Kashmir Engineering Students created a Web App to help administration in fighting Covid-19

Srinagar, April 01: The engineer Students claims that by using the said web app the administration can get benefited in following ways.The officials can get direct reports who are hiding their travel history in different parts of Jammu & kashmir. By the following app the persons who are having symptoms of covid 19 can report themselves and further they claims that it can help to trace all covid infected patients in j&k.

Further they are also claiming that those who are having minor sickness can get medical consultation online and it will continually keep awareness regarding Covid-19 and voltenterr registration for different NGO’s.

When we contacted HOD of department Yasmeena Viqar she said it is a very good initiative and will be very effective but it needs support of govt to make it more effective. It can be a platform where a patient can consult online Dr. and medical assistance.