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12/04/2020 3:39 pm

“NEEKI KAR SOCIAL MEDIA PE DAAL” The Notorious Stain & profane to kashmiryat


Srinagar, April 12: Nature not only Accoladed the kashmir valley with August and serene Beauty , its Ambrosial waters crooning like guitar, Hill cliffs splendid as talking to the heavens and clossal green fields flushing charm , De facto Nature Ameliorated this piece of heaven with Amatory mood but besides its beauty ,kashmir got its fame across the globe by the humanity and clemency of kashmiris (Kashmiryat) also.

The camaraderie, Brotherhood and ally among the different sections of the societies for which kashmir earned its reputation in the world is now dooming day by day as the flag bearers of humanity and pioneers of compassion are now engaged in raiding this humanity by using social media as platform, This asinine act is villifying the valley’s paragon.

In the present era as the whole world is trapped in calamity and disaster , COVID -19 has trapped the whole world around , Along with the humanitarian crisis , The financial crisis is also booming.So it is our Responsibility during such crisis and natural epidemic , We must help the poor and needy with humanity flag and we all have a responsibility and a debt and duty to come forward and extend helping hands to poor and needy ones.

Helping is a worship , and worship should be covertly and arcane and should be such that there is no third coming , only mention of the cadger and bestower.But alas , when we help someone out , The camera definitely arrives.Yes offcourse , we help the needy and poor , but only to get our names and reputation on social media sites and such help not reduces the need of the poor , but causes distress.

By forgetting the lessons of humanity ,we want to make our own world and history, But rebuke on this world , and woe to the fame in which poor’s heart will melancholic rather than merry. That is why we need to shut our mobile cameras off and unlock our hearts camera while helping the needy and poor, so that the dusk and cruelty that we have built in our chambers will go away and in the world of tomorrow , This footage of our hearts will be the salvation for us .