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By Fast Kashmir on 12/04/2020.

Open letter to UT Ladakh Administration

By, Aarif Ladakhi


Being a citizen of Ladakh I would like to put forth a few lines before your kind consideration.
Ladakh is one of the coldest place on planet earth, where the temperature falls below -25°C on average during winter season and in summer it hardly crosses 32°C, that too becomes one of the hottest day when the thermometer touches such a level of scale. Ladakh has a record of lowest temperature as -62°C, which happened on 16 Jan 1992 in Drass town of Kargil district. In such a condition, if we bring some people from rest of India or particularly from Rajasthan by any excuse and keep them in any corner of Ladakh, will they enjoy their day or will suffer more?
For sure, for few days they may cooperate with the administrations but everything has limit, everything has its own time, after that time obviously they will start to raise up their voices. In the same way the people of Ladakh can’t bear the climates of hot places. The GOI has places the evacuated pilgrims in Jasalmer where the current temperature has touched to 40°C, almost the people mostly senior citizens on quarantine have completed their quarantine period but yet we haven’t seen any further plan for evacuation of those people to bring them back to their respective homes by our UT administration of Ladakh.
In same way, there are many students and other citizens are stranded in rest parts of India, particularly in Jammu, Kashmir, Delhi and Chandigarh, who aren’t feeling safe in those places with increase in the numbers of Covid positive cases and also facing problems due to rise in temperature which they can’t bear due to their natural inability.
Why the administration is not ready to accept its own citizens? In Jammu and Kashmir the Covid 19 case is rising day by day on a huge scale in such a condition the administration must rescue it’s people from such places on 1st priority but unfortunately the UT administration seems to be less patient about the suffering of common mass and is more inclined to save its own image in public domain by imposing harsh and unplanned lockdowns.
Shall we consider it as administration’s bravery or cowardice to keep the citizens in such harsh conditions without any proper plan? Yesterday I was listening the voice of our honorable DM Bashir Ul Haq Chowdery in an interview taken by Hussain Ibn Khaloo, where he was completely looking as helpless, was saying that we can’t take any decision to bring them back without higher authorities order! This is totally astonishing, in a democratic country a DM is saying that he can’t do anything for it’s people unless the higher authorities doesn’t allows/permits.
After listening honorable DM, some questions are striking my mind continuously.

I. Who is UT administration and where does it exists?
II. Does it exists in Leh or in New Delhi? By imposing UT on us, the GOI has snatched all the reserved rights of people and our representatives.
III. What is the use of LAHDC and it’s councilors. if they aren’t authorized to pass any order or make any decisions?
IV. Are we still living in a democratic country or we have been fallen in the hands of monarchy?
Aarif Ladakhi