As Govt makes COVID tests mandatory for pregnant women, medical experts say move worth a praise

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By KNO on 04/05/2020.

As Govt makes COVID tests mandatory for pregnant women, medical experts say move worth a praise

Say pregnant ladies dying for want of treatment unacceptable, unethical, say experts

Srinagar, May 04: The administration in union territory of Jammu and Kashmir has made COVID tests mandatory for all the pregnant ladies supposed to be conducted prior 7 to 10 days of the delivery. The move has been backed by the medical experts who, however, say that it is tragic that if a pregnant lady dies for want of treatment in 21st century.

The medical experts claim that the death or any complications to pregnant women is the negligence of the doctors stating that it’s totally unethical to learn that a doctor hesitates from touching a pregnant lady who comes to the hospital for want of medical treatment.

Officials told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), an order was issued from the office of Divisional Commissioner Kashmir some days back directing all the maternity hospitals including LD hospital to ensure enroll pregnant ladies only after examining their COVID test results.

Talking to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Dr Shabir Siduiqi, Medical Superintendent LD Hospital Srinagar said that the COVID tests to all pregnant ladies was made mandatory by government itself some days back.

He said the protocols have been furnished for red and other zones, like exclusive hospitals were made functional for those ladies coming from red zones while the ladies coming from other zone shall be treated at any hospital.

“A pregnant lady has to undergo COVID test at least a week ago and it was made mandatory by government of Jammu and Kashmir”, he said.

Dr Nisar Ul Hassan, Associate Professor Medicine GMC Srinagar who is also a renowned flu expert in the union territory backed the decision of government and said it’s necessary to screen the pregnant ladies so that it’s ensured a lady doesn’t transmit this virus to the health workers, pregnant ladies and  other patients with medical underlying conditions.

He said if a lady comes and has to be taken immediately to operation theater in emergency and without intervention the patient may die now if the doctors doesn’t touch the patient and prefers to wait for COVID-19 test is highly unethical approach of doctors and hospitals if they behave like this (First COVID then operation) because now patients are dying for want for want of treatment.

Meanwhile, Kashmir Private Diagnostic Centers Association President Umar Dhar said it costs almost Rs 4500 to conduct a single test of COVID in private sector. “The pregnant ladies who arrives in the hospital for delivery has to be tested in the very hospital prior to the delivery. It is not possible for every pregnant women to go for Covid testing in the private market where they have to pay Rs 4500 for each test,” he said.