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By Fast Kashmir on 14/05/2020.

Book Review || Tears Fall In My Heart

By: Lily Swarn

As I pour over Adnan Shafi’s words, my gaze freezes. I seem to have lost my ability to move ahead. Each verse steeped in liquid emotion stupefies with its immense intensity. The young poet has kneaded himself into his craft. Each scar on his psyche seems stingingly raw, each image embossed emphatically. Phrases like – “ unrequited words of mine / into paper with ink / wasted breaths left unsaid “,” strangle abortive in a compressed paper bemoan “. In his poem, effectively titled“ I am the corpse “, he says “ My burning soul burns me aa the sun burns off the fog “. In Poetry and Poet, he writes “ words keep skipping with the rope of my tongue”.
The imagery, metaphors, and turn of phrase are fresh. There are sparks of innocent hope in poems like Spring “ Emerging buds on a walnut tree whistling wind songs “
Amidst deeply lonesome images of “ flamboyant and fiendish asperities,” there is the beauty of prayer. The book left me with a love for the bruised yet magnificent valley from where the poet hails. Adnan Shafi stands out amidst a volley of exciting and promising literary voices.
“In the poem “Cry”,” The flowers never solicit love from the bee
The waves never plead attention from the sea “
are words that show the poet’s oneness with nature and it’s a juxtaposition with mankind. He questions our need to constantly seek attention.
I can hear the sounds of wailing in his poem,” Lamenting “.” The silence is torn again/ the township is lamenting …..”
In the same vein, he writes,” what remains ….a thwarted soul patched up with undone smiles “.

My warmest wishes to this fearless new Kashmiri voice in poetry. Read “Tears Fall into my Heart” to breathe in mercurial breezes.

About the author: Lily Swarn is a poet, author & a columnist