Harassment in the name of lockdown:

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By KNT on 02/05/2020.

Harassment in the name of lockdown:

CRPF stops Humanitarian Group ‘Athwas’ from helping needy

Srinagar, May 2: A Humanitarian Group ‘Athwas’ that worked with zeal and zest in this pandemic and helped needy and even distributed cash among hapless people without making so much fuss and publicity Saturday alleged that they are being continuously stopped from distributing eatables and other kits to poor people.

  Since the emergence of this pandemic and subsequent lock-down in Kashmir Valley, scores of NGO’s extended helping hand to the poor and needy. There were some NGO’s that gave much hype to the work they did, even publishing the photographs of those who were benefited by those organizations, but ‘Athwas’ worked and is working with a different motive. It doesn’t highlight its ground work and neither it uploads the photographs of needy.

  The members of Athwas told KNT that so for they helped hundreds of needy and even non-locals were provided kits, food and little cash. “Everything was going smoothly, but now our vehicles are being stopped at different check-points and we are being harassed, especially by CRPF personnel. This is unfortunate,” they said.

  They said that when government needed them most, they were encouraged and when they helped the needy, government ignores them. “This is ridiculous, how can you stop people from helping needy. There are people who have no food in their homes and the NGO’s reach to them and help them. Government had provided us movement passes but CRPF don’t honour them. If government doesn’t want us to help people, then it should issue a statement, we won’t work then in the field,” they said.