Makeshift wooden bridge, A bane for couple of villages of Tral

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By Fast Kashmir on 02/05/2020.

Makeshift wooden bridge, A bane for couple of villages of Tral


Tral, May 02: Residents of couple of villages of Aripal Hemlet of tral complained that they are facing immense difficulties for want of a bridge in the area.

Residents of Dar Ganie Gund, Nagnaad and Heevan Yangvani villages in Aripal tehsil of Tral area of South Kashmir’s Pulwama district are facing immense hardships due to absence of a bridge over a local perennial stream.Situated in the foothills of Deodarpora forest, Nagnaad, Heevan and Dar Ganie Gund are tiny villages that remains cut off from adjoining villages including Nai basti , Basant pora and Gadpora villages during rains as the area lacks an all-weather connectivity. Considered as the most backward area of Tral town. People of the area said everyday they walk over a makeshift wooden bridge to cross the stream to reach the nearest and nearby villages.

“The only wish of the people in the area is better road communication – a bridge over the stream – as it will end one of their major problems. It becomes extremely difficult for the people to cross the stream, which swells up during the rainy season,” said Lumberdar of Dar Ganie Gund , a local  resident.

The locals said that every year, they construct a temporary bridge over the stream but during the rainy season the gushing waters wash away the bridge, leaving people with no option to cross the stream. “During rains, the area remains cut off Among each other.

The residents  of Nagnaad Gojer Basti said that several people over the years have lost their livestock and property due to lack of a connecting link, as they could not get the timely medical attention. “Had there been a bridge, several lives would have survived,” they said, adding: “only we know how we risk our lives every time when we cross the river during the rainy season.

“Without footbridge we are facing plenty of problems mostly in the wet season. We are being forced to cross the gushing nallah with bags, ration and other items on our heads which could sometimes prove fatal,” said a local woman from gujjar basti nagnad.

“It’s the pregnant women and patients who are the worst sufferers. The locals also said that they have repeatedly raised the issues with the authorities but the authority paid deaf ear.

The villagers said the government must provide a concrete bridge in place of the makeshift wooden bridge to solve their problem. “Till a concrete motorable bridge is made, the authorities should provide a reliable footbridge so that the villagers don’t suffer,” they said.