Management of Non-covid emergencies must: DAK

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By FK WEB DESK on 03/05/2020.

Management of Non-covid emergencies must: DAK

Srinagar, 3 May: Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK) today in a statement said that management of Non-COVID emergencies is very important amid Covid-19 crisis. We should not loose non covid patients while getting prepared for uncertain covid-19 pandemic. It is our moral and professional responsibility to manage both Covid-19 and non Covid-19 emergencies by adopting to parallel system of health care delivery as guided by ICMR and Health and family welfare department GOI.

President DAK Dr Suhail Naik said that, “observing the pandemic of covid-19 closely we have observed that our 90 percent of patients are asymptomatic, mortality rate is less than 1 percent and test positive rate is 3 percent and recovery rate is more than 25 percent. Keeping these stastistical parameters in perspective it seems we are epidemiologicaly safe but are loosing patients to Non – Covid-19 emergencies and that is very unfortunate and unacceptable”.

While expressing grief over two maternal deaths in Anantnag Dr Naik added that,
“our response to crisis should be elobrative , calibrated and dynamic.

“How we interpret, react and bounce back to the crises of today will define how we are going to survive the crises of tomorrow“, Dr Naik further added.

Dr Owais H Dar, General Secretary, DAK further said that, “In preperadness to Covid-19 pandemic people must understand that health infrastructure of UT JK is classified in to Covid-19 and Non Covid-19 faculties along with appropriate distribution of human resources. We appeal people that they should not hesitate to visit non-covid health facilities like cardiac, neurological or maternity emergencies”.

“All the emergencies shall be handled as it was being done before pandemic. Some how if the patients are coming to wrong facilities as many of them don’t understand this classification, it is the responsibility of health department to guide them properly and no time should be lost to manage patients in the golden hour”, DAK emphasized.

DAK appealed all the ground level workforce to trace and identify all pregnant ladies for line listing, so that any pregnant lady who is near to term could be tested for Covid-19 status to frame further course of management.People are requested to cooperate with ground level workforce in all aspects so that health audit of population can be done in short span of time.